What we have done

We have proven track records in deploying hyper-intelligent automation solutions on a large scale. Our teams have worked across different industries by delivering measurable results


Customer served

> 7+

Industries covered


Process Automated

> 90%

Efficiency gained

Banking Automation

One of our largest private Banking Customer achieved 100%+ efficiency in work and saved manual efforts as shown below using our Hyper-Intelligent Automation Solutions.

Banking automation timeline

Finance & Accounting Automation

One of our largest Media & Broadcasting Customer achieved 100%+ efficiency in work and saved manual efforts also seen a tremendous increase in the ROI as shown below using our Hyper-Intelligent Automation Solutions.

Finance & Accounting Automation ROI

What our customer speaks

Niket Phuria
“ This UiPath Automation Excellence Award has proved that we are on the right track in our automation journey, and now we need to scale to new heights and being automation for other core functions.

We look forward to pursuing our goal along with Feat Systems - implementation and resource partners, to set and scale new heights with a combination of UiPath products and our expertise in creating business-focused automation-driven solutions.

Niket Phuria,

Viacom18 Media | Senior Technology Project Manager
Demo image
“It has been a good working relationship with Hiren and his team. His team has helped us in implementing various mobile applications i.e. account opening, trading & business tracking app for our clients and business partners. The team is accommodative in terms of incorporating functionality requests within the current budget and in a reasonable time frame. The culture of the team is flexible, responsive and dependable and one can trust them with critical responsibilities. I enjoyed our partnership & look forward to many more years working with him.

Arun Chaudhry,

Motilal Oswal | Head-Online Business & Product Development
Demo image
Initial project was delayed but team eventually delivered. Feat handled additional scope thereafter and proved quite responsive. Feat did a good job overall on a subject area that was new to them and did proper analysis then fix the issue - all very quickly and with confidence."

Adam Buer,

Air Meals
Demo image
Feat earned great respect and we are more than pleased with them. The starred this project! Went beyond expectations with time, communication, schedule, deadline, even outside of scope work. Tremendous team! Just pay them the right price and give a clear project brief, Feat will take you ahead of your vision! Enjoying my 3rd project with them!"

Brad Pitt,

How we transform businesses

We use digital transformation and customer-centric approaches in our automation solutions to transform our customer's business processes.

  • Digitization
    Conversion of analog or physical information to digital format
  • Digitalization
    Use of digital technologies to enable or improve business models and processes
  • Digital Transformation
    Coordinated changes effort at scale, diffused through all aspects of the business

What we have

Using our hyper-intelligent automation solutions, our customers gained the highest level of transformation and work efficiencies with all possible tangible and in-tangible benefits.

Hyper-intelligent Services & Solution for effective process automation

Feat Systems hyper-intelligent automation solutions allow businesses in speeding up the performance, provide real value to stay ahead in the competitive market, and boost ROI.

Our end-to-end automation services starting from process discovery to design to deployment to support hyper-care to scale automation through automation components such as RPA, AI, OCR, BPM, and IoT.

We contribute by implementing the best automation solutions that will add significant business value to the business and eventually making it possible for that business to scale into a fully automated enterprise.

Where we focus

Our hyper-intelligent automation solutions for various business segments with second machine age generation technologies have the potential to transform your business and make it smarter.

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We have rich experience on work from a home model and having professionally ready project teams to work on remote agile models.

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