RPA for Insurance

Challenges of Insurance Industry:

  • The insurance Industry fights against risks daily. Each application filled or each data that should get recorded and has to be securely saved and authorized by multiple approvals. Such a secure industry faces numerous challenges. Its primary focus is to build high-growth and dynamic business, but it should very much concentrate on minimizing risks, sustainably, and reducing the overall cost.
  • When we talk about the role of the customer, it has changed over time. The classic example of an insurance customer resembles that of any other customers who act connected, informed, and sophisticated. But, for an insurance company, their customers demand a high-speed yet transparent customer-oriented processing. Also, they seek services that would get offered with consistent quality across multiple channels.
  • The aging IT systems can hardly meet this combination of domain functionalities and customer needs. Due to such demanding compliance requirements, IT systems have increased the complexity and rigidity in their solutions, which either lead to dissatisfaction of customers or exceedingly high financial and operational risk. Also, developing an entirely new solution becomes unsustainable for insurers. To deal with such challenges, Insurance companies have to find appropriate solutions that are not only cost-effective but also require a significant change in IT architecture.

Case Studies

What can RPA do in the insurance industry?

  • Insurance Companies have an enormous amount of critical customer data to be dealt with on an everyday basis. Not only do customers expect speed and accuracy in the service, but they also expect good customer interaction and engagement to acquire the best Insurance Scheme as per their requirements.
  • RPA in Insurance Domain can easily free 20-30% of the capacity at the organization level. RPA Processes can be used to streamline claim processing, compliance checks, Internal Auditing, Policy Planning, and several other repetitive, rule-based process. Integrated RPA process can be scalable at any level in the business where a software robot imitates human keystrokes and mouse clicks which help interact with the user interface of different applications.
  • Below are some of the RPA Insurance solutions that can be easily implemented in your business.
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