Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training

Our training Formula aims to enable the key roles within an RPA Center of Excellence through a combination of self-led and instructor-led pieces of training.

Our RPA Training Module

Our RPA training concept is split into 2 parts and each part plays a significant role in the understanding of the topic.

Non-technical Training

RPA Awareness

  • Target group- Non-technical roles, process owners, business representatives

It gives a fundamental understanding of RPA technology and illustrates how process automation can be created that can add value to an organization. Enables to understand how the enterprise works during the piloting phase organize a boost to the typical phases in which this takes place

Business Analyst

  • Target group- Business analysts, process SMEs

Gives essential knowledge of systematic recording of processes in a suitable way for the assessment of implementation on RPA platforms, recognition of technical hurdles, rough estimates of the implementation time in the two phases of conception and development, calculation of an ROI, life cycle of the documentation up to the release.

Technical Training

RPA Developer

  • Target group- RPA developers, solution architects

This allows to receive the knowledge and how to operate the RPA programming environment, knowledge in planning the architecture as well as the special features of the automation and to set up RPA automation for simple and medium-sized processes.

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