Vendor Management is a key indicator of your company's performance. The more efficient you are with your Account Payable Process, the better is the position of your services in the market.

50% of companies globally are using the "Invoice Workflow Automation Tool".

48% of the manual handling of Invoice Processing leads to inefficiency in the process with 34% of the time, the data facing errors or missing values.

A recent Survey has clearly stated that a non-automation company spends more than $10 per invoice.

Pigeon iVIPS will make your company stand out in the market with its integrated Vendor Management approach and will promise you to deliver a very cost-saving efficient Account Payable Process.

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PIGEON-iVIPS is an omnichannel “Intelligent Vendor Invoice Processing System” designed with important attributes of current & post COVID-19 scenarios in mind.

Manually handling Account payable activities like generating invoice receipts, validating data, processing, and payment makes the overall workflow very time-consuming and prone to human-errors. This activity directly affects the bottom line of a company and requires a very efficient and error-free solution.

With PIGEON-iVIPS, the business can decrease the invoice cycle time, reduce the cost per invoice, perform thorough market research, and negotiate with the vendors, and maintain a good relationship with the suppliers. Overall, it provides an integrated approach for vendor management exploiting cutting-edge technologies of AI and RPA.

PIGEON iVIPS Key Features





Reduce Manual Efforts by 80%

Faster Approvals from weeks to days to hours to minutes

Faster Payment Processing from months to weeks

Improve Business Efficiency by re-deploying the workforce to higher-value activities

How PIGEON iVIPS works?

PIGEON iVIPS stores the vendor data in the cloud network. Using OCR and AI technology, it reads the receipts digitally and collects the information required. It then analyses the data and proceeds for publishing and payment for the vendors as per the intelligence gained over a while.

A business can get the best possible deal with the suppliers and the Vendor Management system can be digitally transformed. Using an integrated approach, a virtual bot can assist the system and direct complex transactions to the manual workforce reducing the overall burden on humans.

This integrated approach not only saves time but is a very cost-effective process for the business.

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With the PIGEON Automation platform, a business can integrate all the workflows and work must faster to improve the efficiency of the overall business. Instead of using Bots for individual activities or automating a small functionality, using an integrated automation platform like PIGEON will save a lot of time and effort.

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