RPA for Airline Industry

Challenges of Airline Service

  • Airlines have already faced some problems from changing customer behavior, unpredictable weather conditions, and a complex network of distribution channels.
  • But in recent times, covid 19 has impacted the airline sector more, it has been tough for staff in managing various aspects of business functions such as a sudden increase in demand for cancellation, refund applications, etc.
  • Since the task has a high volume of data and consumes time. So, for the employee, it is more difficult to handle and complete this high-volume manual effort accurately on time.
  • As we know for airlines, customer satisfaction is a great concern. Due to delays this impacting the customer service, damaging brand reputation, and leading to fines for non-compliance.
  • Therefore, it is important for airline companies to adopt RPA as it provides just what aviation aspires for in this current environment.

Case Studies

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping the Airline industry?

  • Robotic Process Automation aka RPA is another type of automation technology that can be very useful to airlines. It can be a helping hand to carry out or remove repetitive, time-consuming activities involved in the processes. For example, flight ticket cancelations and reservations management, providing refunds, generate tickets before boarding, and more.
  • This will allow the airline service to attract more customers by giving them a nice experience so to visit or travel more than once.
  • Also, can be utilized for regulatory compliance. Various airlines are governed by separate boards so compliance with the rules can also be difficult. But RPA is recognized for its high performance in process accuracy and enables businesses to comply quickly and effectively.
  • Thus, implementing RPA software robots into the flight experience can remove all the customer's pain points associated with airline travel.

Automation of Airline Process using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions

By practical approach with technology-supported businesses here are some relevant applications of the airline sector automated using RPA solutions.

Managing Data

There are various applications worked in the airline sector. Here bots can be utilized to look for missing input data and to spot the appropriate data portion. Additionally, it can also perform necessary checks in resilience ranges.

In another scenario, bots can determine the right data value if the exchange of coupon numbers was not correctly reported. It then analyzes the documents and sets when to re-issue them.

Updating Travelers

The airline department teams need to provide information on flight timings, flight cancel and booking status to the number of travelers. Since manually doing it can have delays in processing. RPA can be deployed to perform the necessary steps quickly in keeping the travelers informed about the situation.

Chatbots can also answer requests from travelers, offering always the right response and making them happier with the services.

Therefore, Both RPA and chatbot can lead the airline industry in performing seamlessly to increase customer satisfaction.

Crew scheduling

Bots can be used to schedule assign tasks and to effectively handle responsibility demands among the team. Also, the bot is capable of handling automation of the notification messages that enable crew members to be informed of any changes efficiently.

Recovery of outdated system files

Usually, manual file extraction is done by employees or by the developer to modify the system. Therefore, both require a lot of time to complete the task and happen to be very expensive.

When bots are deployed, they can do things far better, more quickly, and precisely. It ensures that all the necessary files are downloaded from the systems are migrated onto the new systems in a given time. Therefore, RPA can replace obsolete and inefficient IT systems which limit development and innovation. With minimum assistance, it makes it possible to use human labor better for value-added tasks.

Identifying revenue leakage

To stopping the revenue leakage airline company needs to be synchronized with travel agencies. Robotic Process Automation in the airline can be used to streamline synchronization by detecting errors faster and encompassing all synchronized elements.

This provides additional understanding and enhances the chances of taking suitable decisions on revenue recovery and protection. In the end, recovering lost revenue and restrain leakages through automation leads to considerable savings for the airline industry.

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