RPA for Retail

Marketing and Consumer Behavior Analysis

Constancy and speed are essential for retail when it comes to marketing and consumer behavior analysis. Swiftness in analyzing and decision making would provide advantage to other retailers in the industry and anticipated reliability by customers would spread positive word of mouth (Marketing) and implementing RPA would do the both.

Campaign analysis is an essential tool which helps dealers check their current actions and decide on the future process of action. It brings certainty in deciding campaign goals, confirming campaign budget and identifies particular channels that needs improvement.

Here the biggest benefit RPA provides is that previous actions can be repetitively executed in the future without any manual effort. If the retailer adjusts further strategies based on analysis, then RPA will help in measuring effectiveness and influence of new strategies. Product classification is one of the most crucial but ignored functions in the retail industry. Customers fail to find various products online because of poor product classification. But still over a million products sold, the retailers have now assimilating RPA to allot attributes and classifying products for a smooth customer experience.

Besides these, RPA when used in consumer practice analysis that would make effective trade advancement, new product introductions, store specific planning, manage subscription renewals, claims processing, complaint handling, loyalty card management and customer on-boarding from websites.


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