RPA for Retail

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Active management of the logistics and supply chain empower global organizations to move their goods from suppliers to consumers, monitor storage level and track the cargo shipment so that materials or goods are delivered on time. Supply chain is an attractive target for RPA since the all processes are highly dependent on the back office. As communication is essential for supply chain success, automation of emails would express better communication between customers, distributors and suppliers. RPA automates an email or text when an order is shipped, booked, delivered or delayed.

RPA is helpful in maintaining storage levels to ensure that retailers have enough products and services to meet demand of the customers. Notifications can be created when products reach critically low. After assessing previous orders, RPA can help in determining the optimum order levels to improve acquirement, reduce costs and wastage.

As retailers rush to implement RPA in the fear of being left behind sailing competitors, they are moving towards technologies that would bring more and more benefits and allow them to compete assuredly.


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