Invoice Posting Process Automation

Industry - Leading Retail Group
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Human intervention was slowing the processing time that can lead to large fines and payment delays.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Manually operated by various support departments.
  • Taking a long time for data validation and QA process
  • Manual correlation of complex multiple data sources.
  • With a significant amount of complex data processed manually scope of errors was high.
  • Many software, such as CRM, legacy programs, web servers, email, and excel, are included in this process.
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Our Solution

The efficient approach was RPA that helped the company to process a large number of invoices within less time, with no errors making the process faster and sufficient.

  • Bot derives information from several sources including portal, e-mail and FTP location.
  • Bot conducts data validation and checks the results.
  • Now then bot logs into the necessary applications to finishes the transaction according to the processes request type.
  • The bot sends the completion report after the process has been finalised successfully.

Automation Benefits

The outcome of RPA bot was numerous. The benefits of automation can be seen below:

  • The level of success improved.
  • Reduced time to process and check QA.
  • Significant increase in quality of service.
  • Reduce in operational costs.
  • Improvement of consistency at 0% error rate.
  • Increased standardization of process.
  • Operation now open 24/7 (previously 8am-6pm weekdays)
  • Reduce the dependency on the FTE.
  • Customer service enhanced.

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