Invoice and E-waybill reconciliation Automation

Industry - Leading E-commerce Company
Implementation Time - Within 6 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

The main issue was the high FTE contribution in the reconciliation of invoices and E way Bill process. Regular human involvement in the process eventually led to failures, inefficiencies, unnecessary delays, and high cost.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Reading the invoices and E-Way Bill of various sellers in PDF formats and manually copying and pasting the data in excel was a laborious and time-consuming task.
  • Also, it was finding it difficult to keep track of missing E-Way bills and duplicate invoices.
  • Manually doing the invoice and E-Way Bill data for reconciliation was very time-wasting.

Our Solution

The RPA bot was designed to perform the task in the same order without human intervention that made no errors.

  • The Bot reads the relevant emails and download invoices and E-Way bill as an attachment.
  • The Bot identifies the invoice format alone and fetches the data from it, and updates the data in an excel sheet in the required format.
  • Post fetching the data and carries out the reconciliation process creates a report and sends mail.

Automation Benefits

The impact can be seen below that gave some tangible benefits to the company by automating with RPA.

  • Degree of robotization: Automated initiative by 95%
  • Failure rate decreased to 0%
  • Manual workload reduced by 10%
  • 150 hours of efforts saved monthly
  • Made process faster
  • Increased business morality

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