RPA for Retail

Accounting and Finance

Through the years, the accounting and finance functions have been managed by skillful professionals but over time technological advancements have brought rapid actions; error is 0% and seamless workflow. In an age characterized by digital transformation, procure to pay, accounts payable and accounts receivable management, order and invoice processing, record to report cycles, account reconciliation, order to cash, consolidating account information between the numerous other assignment process can be managed using RPA.

For example, the financial closing involves a numerable of tasks varying from closing out ledgers to forming financial filings and then sending them to various administrative bodies. This includes working with specific individuals, systems across different departments. The process is burdensome and can be easily lighten by RPA.

Transactions across different department and division needs to be recorded, managed, updated and collected. RPA can gather and keep the various transactions done and harmonize them in ERP. RPA can speed up all the long and difficult processes, save time and reduce costs.


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