Automation with RPA a friend to IoT

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IoT was just a buzzword couple of years back but now, it has become a part of our everyday life. Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing but the connection of physical devices through the internet. It has become a new reality that every industry is getting involved with. 

But, the power of IoT can be truly felt when we integrate it with Automation. If you are wondering why, check out what one of the RPA providers quoted: “As an automation platform, RPA is the key that unlocks and makes the unimagined possibilities of the IoT possible." Hence, IoT and Automation can provide a completely different environment for employees to work conventionally.


Automation with IoT can seamlessly handle a lot of workflows which includes managing notifications and marked events, forwarding a huge amount of data automatically, and ultimately making the data more accessible and valuable. Say, for example, manufacturing workflows have administrative tasks which when connected with IoT and Automation solution results in billions of savings.


Since IoT is enriched with data that it gets from everywhere, an automation bot can make use of this data and convert it into fruitful solutions which can increase the efficiency of overall IoT workflows. We can call such integration “Internet of Thought”. If we take the example of hiring a new employee, most larger companies deal with simultaneous entry and provision of data to different systems. If data needs to communicate across these systems, it needs to be entered manually every time the application wants to fetch the same data. This is not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors resulting in increased cost and operational disruptions.


But, aren’t these manual processes ruled based? Even though these rules are recorded in the minds of the employees and not formally documented, they can still be considered as a repetitive and rule-based process. And that is where the Automation process comes into place. Automation bots are just not about scanning receipts at the desk of the accounts payable department, but they are software tools that can be utilized to run complex, manual and repetitive workflows that reduce the overall cost and increase the efficiency of the business. These software tools in industry jargon can be named Virtual bots.


When we combine these bots with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the result is going to be amazing. These bots will not only replicate human tasks which are repetitive and manual but also try to replicate human logic in creating different algorithms which can predict the results similar to how a human does. In the previous example of hiring a new employee, using an intelligent RPA system seems to be the best solution. This bot can quickly record, analyze the individual steps in the workflow and mimic the human logic in such activities to exchange data between different applications. This process will promise a must faster and quicker results with guaranteed accuracy eliminating all the human errors that can affect the overall efficiency.


Using AI, ML, and RPA, Intelligent bots can be well trained to make educated guesses about certain fields in paper and electronic documents. Also, all repetitive and mundane tasks can be taken over by robots just by observing how a human is performing such activities and replicate the same process to complete the workflows. Say, for example, a bot can be made to categorize invoices, read their field, add the values of the fields to various applications like SAP and route those invoices for approval or customer acceptance to close the invoice processing. The process can be continuously trained to finally exceed the accuracy of the humans so that RPA trained bots can start adding value to the business.


On the final note, all the business verticals have seen tremendous strides in recent years after the advent of Automation technologies and most of the businesses have witnessed higher efficiency and profits in the overall working of their business. But the Automation Era is still at the nascent stages and will evolve considerably to include many Robot Supported Process optimization to integrate familiar technologies.

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