How hyper-intelligent automation solutions fuel customer service applications?

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A 2017 Report from Microsoft shows that 54% of their customers have higher expectations of customer service than they had a year ago. Customers demand a one-click service for all their purchases and transactions. But, isn’t it obvious? With the whole world moving towards Digitization, the companies are operating much more efficiently than before. Then, why should the customer service sector lag behind? 


It is a hard fact that operational customer care is characterized by a complex organizational structure. With manual handling of such services, employees are overburdened with increasing customer requirements. Also, customers ask for immediate and individual cross-channel services which becomes extremely complex to cater to using just the human manpower. With the efficiency dropping down because of the human-intensive customer service process, the overall company’s productivity and quality of the service will be impacted negatively. 


But, with the current global scenario, all these challenges can be easily tackled by just one integrated Hyper-Intelligent Automation solution. This approach is characterized by using process automation with the help of software robots which makes use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation)AI (Artificial Intelligence)OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and BPM technologies. 


Let we dive in more to explore the potential of these technology solutions in fuelling customer service applications. 


Chatbots to pick up complaints


How many of you visit a website and search for a virtual agent to handle your queries? Don’t you think chatbots have made our life a lot easier than before? 


But, imagine integrating chatbots with RPA Model! What happens when this happens? The RPA bot comes in contact with the service desk and takes inquiries in priority. Then, it creates tickets and assigns them to the concerned department. The more queries that the bot comes across, the more standardized responses can be delivered to the customers at a much faster pace. This makes use of intelligent chatbots who save and process repetitive customer requests that can be streamlined. Also, such bots can provide customers with live advice allowing customers to have a better user experience. 


Hence, with intelligent chatbots having an integrated RPA framework, a user’s stored data can be taken into account for rule-based processing, and intelligent solutions and service-related recommendations can be suggested using the user’s queries. 


Apart from providing intelligent chatbots, there is one more solution to improve customer service. Customers usually look for compatible interaction across all service networks. This can be made possible by enabling AI-supported omnichannel solutions. These solutions help a business process or a customer journey to be: 

  1. Defined
  2. Modeled
  3. Broken down into steps that correspond to necessary activities with all the dependencies. 

Hence, this AI-supported solution helps the customers enjoy the same experience on every support channel. 


Automate the processing of tickets


When it comes to customer service, a company is bound to receive a lot of support or service requests which are triggered any time in the day. Currently, such processes are handled manually. Say, for example, a customer raises a change request for an address. A person from the information department has to be notified about this ticket manually. Then, he will have to fetch information about the customer through his company records, ask the customer for the new address and address proof, verify the same and update the address in the system before closing the ticket. Handling this entire process is very time-consuming and error-prone. Also, any discrepancy in the efficiency of the process will lead to customer dissatisfaction. 


The best way to handle such customer requests is by using Hyper-Intelligent Automation bots. They handle requests 24/7 with a high level of accuracy. Once the ticket is automatically created by the customer, the bot checks for the completeness and correctness of the information, search for the missing information from the systems, get input from the customer for the missing data, and classify the support request for further processing. 


Hence, a bot is a sure shot solution for increased efficiency of the company’s handling of customer requests and a definite increase in customer satisfaction. 


Enhanced resource allocation in customer service


Resource allocation is a high maintenance job in customer service. Most companies outsource Resource allocation from external service providers. It not only adds to the overall cost of the company but also affects the quality of the processes negatively. 


But, does Software bots help the company manage resource allocation? The answer is a big Yes! A hyper-intelligent bot makes the processes more efficient and enhances customer services overall. Also, dedicated employees used for such processes can be used for other complex services related to customer-oriented skills and add more value to the company as a whole. 


RPA fits in the call center


We all know how much money a company spends on maintaining a call center. With millions of customer calls pouring in every year, do you think the only solution to handle such volume is to recruit more employees? Every agent spends a massive amount of time not just by making customer calls but also by documenting information received in such calls and perform follow-up customer calls. To this, the agent has to access various system applications for customer history and product data. 


Instead of utilizing man-power to exclusively handle this process, a hyper-intelligent bot can be used. A bot can independently document customer conversations using automated notes through speech to text analysis. Then, it can move the requests to the concerned department within no time for further processing. Also, it can access data across cross-channel must faster and accurate than manual processing. 

Hence, using software bots in a call-center is going to be advantageous for the company in both efficiency and cost-effectiveness terminologies.

Using Hyper-Intelligent bot services will help the organization enhance its customer satisfaction by providing a very efficient, time-saving and cost-effective customer service process. Click here to book a demo to understand how to integrate hyper-intelligent automation bot into your company’s workflow.

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