How to handle growing Customer Queries for your business?

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We live in the digital era where the world is changing and growing rapidly. With Disruptive technologies and Automation tools ever-evolving, every industry is laying a playground for a large number of competitors who are struggling to stay on top


One of the reports from” Gartner” clearly highlights that most of the companies are competing based on customer service. Hence, Businesses have to start listening to their bottleneck carefully which is their customers. In another report by Zendesk, 87% of the customers quoted consistent experience to be a major factor in retaining their interest in the brand. Also, 55% of the prospects become customers because of their great customer service reputation as stated by “RightNow”.     

What do customers actually look for? When it comes to customer service, the most important factors considered by a user would revolve around short response time, good knowledge of the staff, clear and efficient communication, consistency of data between cross-channel, and availability of multiple channels to interact with customers. In one of the surveys conducted by “American Express”, it was found that consumers preferred digital self-service tools like websites, mobile app, voice response systems, or online chat to get their simple queries resolved.  

This clearly indicates the importance of using an automated customer query response system to handle a large number of queries quickly and efficiently so as to create a good impression with the customers using the first point of contact. But, are all Customer Query Response systems feasible and reliable for a business? 

The business has to consider the following factors before selecting its customer response systems: 

  • Collect all the queries that a customer can possibly ask and automate queries as FAQs. 

  • Use AI and ML to predict customer behavior and develop a system that not only answers the queries but ensures frequent follow-ups. 

  • There should be a clear distinction between what queries need to be automatically handled and what needs to be sent for human intervention, and this transfer of data should be effortlessly handled. 

  • The System must have an updatable database having each customer query/complaint along with customer data maintained accurately. 

  • The system should constantly seek feedback from the customers and try to implement the suggestions. 

A very well-defined and efficient system for customer-response is our newly developed IRIS Platform. Let us understand this platform in more detail below. 

IRIS - the next-gen Customer query response system: 

IRIS is an omnichannel Customer Query Response System that works on real-time data and is designed with a “Customer-first mentality” using important attributes of intelligence. It is an agile and resilient model that not only focuses on customer interactions but also handles back-office processing to the response. A report from “Aberdeen Group Inc” quotes that Companies having strong omnichannel customer engagement systems retain 89% of their customers as compared to their counterparts. 

Hence, with IRIS, a company can easily reduce queries using the self-service support channels and deliver faster processing and response time by limiting human intervention. Also, the system automates the entire process using Robot agents. IRIS promises to be unequivocally independent and approachable, thereby, always ready to answer any product or service related to customer queries or complaints. She not only has a global reach but she can be scalable as per business needs. She quietly works in the background with little or no intervention to the current workflows. 

INTRODUCING IRIS, real-time OVCR of the future: 

  1. Trusted Customer Support Advisor: She divides the customer queries with governance. She enhances the visibility of risk intermediation strategies for Financial, IT regulatory, or compliance-related queries. 

  2. Build Ecosystem: She creates an ecosystem with all the stakeholders by governing, managing, and monitoring customer support desk remotely in a real-time and continuous manner. 

  3. She understands her audience well. She adapts and integrates her customer data accordingly. 

  4. She balances and accommodates the needs of 3 pillars of any business; management, board, and customer.

Benefits of IRIS:

  • It provides a one-stop solution for the entire customer query transformation process. 

  • It reduces manual efforts by nearly 80% 

  • It guarantees work efficiency to grow up to 200% along with improving service levels from days to minutes. 

  • Allows employees to focus on complex/higher value activities by handling low-value work. 

  • It provides faster deployments within weeks hence, ensuring continuity of business processes even during influx or pandemic situations. 

Best Practices of Customer Query Management:

Some companies have proved their efficiency in business by enhancing their customer interactions to another level. Here are some examples to highlight the same: 

  1. Airtel: Airtel started their new campaign in India on handling customer queries. They highlighted the real-time number of queries that they receive and promised their customers that each query will be answered and resolved immediately. Check out the video to know more

  2. Uber: Uber takes its customer feedback very seriously. Each customer gets to review the performance of the car driver and share their feedback on a real-time basis. Based on this, Uber ranks its drivers; the best drivers get an award of appreciation from the company and low rating drivers are penalized for their performance. 

  3. Apple: Apple strongly believes in customer experience. As quoted by the CEO, the company first understands its customer's requirements through surveys and feedback and then work backward to fulfill the requirements through technology. This has proved to be a successful strategy with so many innovative products of Apple hitting the market every now and then. 

Hence, handling your customer’s queries and complaints is the best way to engage your customers. For a quick demo on IRIS, click here and enjoy the whole new world of Customer query management system.

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